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Adobe Air free download for windows 7


Adobe Air

Flash Content Development Using Adobe Integrated Runtime

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Adobe Air

Adobe Air Review:

 Adobe AIR stands for Adobe Integrated runtime developed by Adobe Systems for creating flash content applications for desktop and mobile phones using Adobe Flash and ActionScript. It is a cross-platform runtime environment that when originally introduced support all major operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux, which was discontinued after 2011 update, and mobile platform devices like Android, Blackberry OS and Windows RT. This is a runtime that allows you to program your flash applications just once and then recompile it as many times as you want from any device and platform.

 Initial Inception

 Ebay, a popular e-commerce site has been developed using this runtime. Also, perhaps the most popular game on Android, Angry Birds was developed using Adobe AIR along with TweetDeck, Adobe Media Player, etc. It started with 100,00 applications, but officially reported to have more than a billion registered downloads world wide, very recently.


 It allows programmers to manage all assistive resources of a computer like microphone, speakers, etc. and text, vector graphics, raster graphics supported by Adobe Flash for creating applications and video games which can run as a standalone application even though being built with ActionScript or HTML 5. It has support for databases using SQLLite and also provides support for extending the features to file system integration with native file extensions on desktops and mobile platforms. Some of the notable features of desktop applications include the following:
 - Managing Windows: Opening, closing, working in multiple windows simultaneously.
 - File Manager: Content discovery in various drives and folders on your device.
 - It allows multithreading simultaneously without freezing other windows.
 - It supports viewing HTML pages with full CSS and Javascript functionality within your developed flash application.
 - You can invoke native applications usings command line arguments and receive messages using the standard i/o device or the console.

 3d Graphics Support

 Addition of Stage3D to Adobe Flash allowed the AIR runtime to use the hardware resources of a computer like the GPU for hardware accelerated multitasking, video rendering and hence, more seamless, rich graphics and integrated game development. 

 The software tools that are needed for its development include one of the SDKs called AIR SDK and can also be used with Adobe Flex. The next requirement is of an ActionScript based software like Adobe Flash or third party environments like FlashDevelop. Finally, you need AIR HTML5 or Javascript with a HTML editor like Dreamweaver for browser support in your application.

Changes on the new version:
- New Android Video Stack - LIMITED BETA
- We're modernizing our video stack and moving AIR Android video to the MediaCodec APIs. With this feature, we'll be able to access hardware level encode and decode functionality, have greater flexibility of source inputs and improved stability. This is a large task and we know we've got additional work ahead of us. We're adding this feature to this weeks beta to gather feedback from developers that are interested or currently using video in their AIR Android applications. This is a limited timed feature and will only be present for this weeks beta. We anticipate it coming back to the beta channel once AIR 21 has been officially released.

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